3 Easy Ways To Control Indoor Humidity

indoor humiditySmog isn’t the only air quality concern you have to deal with in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our warm, humid climate also means excess moisture is a common indoor air quality problem. With a few basic steps, though, it’s not hard to get under control.

Use your exhaust fans – After cooking or showering, run your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan for around 15 minutes. Don’t leave it on longer than this or you’ll draw in more moisture than you let out. Installing a timer switch makes it easy to run your fans for the ideal amount of time. If your home doesn’t have exhaust fans, opening a window a crack will do until you can install some. For a simple way to size a new fan in CFM (cubic feet per minute), multiply the room’s cubic footage (width x length x height) by 1 for the bathroom and 2 for the kitchen.

Add less moisture to your air – Take shorter, cooler showers. When you cook, keep your pots and pans covered. If you don’t have a clothes dryer, hang your laundry to dry outdoors, not indoors. Repair leaky pipes and faucets, and install tubular foam pipe insulation on pipes that “sweat.” Place your house plants in one room or outdoors until you get your indoor air quality under control. Store your firewood outdoors. Because carpet retains moisture, removing your carpets is one way to deal with more severe humidity issues.

Run your A/C more often – High humidity in warm weather makes you feel even hotter. To solve this problem, air conditioners remove moisture from the air in addition to cooling it. If you don’t have central air conditioning, a window A/C unit is a good alternative. Run the A/C for around 30 minutes twice at day. For a serious humidity problem that’s concentrated in one area, consider bringing in a portable dehumidifier.

High indoor humidity is often caused by insufficient ventilation. If you can’t get your indoor air quality under control by yourself, talk with an HVAC technician. A professional can assess your ventilation and recommend improvements.