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How To Monitor Indoor Air Quality

Between the Greater Los Angeles area’s urban smog and the chemicals from your carpets and furniture, air contamination in your home can reach unhealthy levels before you even realize it. Using a device to monitor indoor quality helps keep you informed. How Air Quality Monitors Help You The simplest way to keep an eye on […]

How Family Pets Affect Your HVAC Unit

Pets make life better in many ways, but they can also make things harder for your heating and cooling system. This is especially true in urban Los Angeles, where pets spend most of their time indoors. With the right maintenance approach, though, you can easily protect your system. The Problem with Pet Hair All year, […]

3 Landscaping Tips That Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Given the high cost of living in the Los Angeles area, anything you can do to control your expenses without cutting into your comfort pays off. With a little strategic landscaping, you can reduce your home’s need for cooling while creating more enjoyable surroundings. Shade your home – Shading the west and southwest sides of […]

It’s Spring! Reversing Your Ceiling Fan Direction Can Improve Comfort

As the weather starts to heat up around the Los Angeles area, it’s time to prepare your home to keep you cool efficiently. Using your ceiling fans is one of the easiest ways to stay comfortable affordably, but how you use them matters. Keep Cool and Save, too In winter, setting your ceiling fans to […]

How Does Attic Ventilation Affect AC Efficiency?

Summers in Los Angeles are no joke. You’re going to need to depend on your air conditioner to stay cool, especially since it’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach up into the 90s. Unfortunately, this also means that your cooling costs are going to shoot up. However, there are ways that you can limit your […]

Shift Your Thermostat For A Great Night’s Sleep

The warm Los Angeles summer temperatures might be great for the city’s nightlife, but they rarely make for a good night’s sleep. If you’ve been having trouble getting enough rest, adjusting your thermostat temperature could help. Why Room Temperature Matters While a cozy, warm bedroom sounds appealing, research shows most of us sleep best in […]