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Identifying Hidden Water Leaks In The Bathroom

Hidden leaks around your pipes and bathroom fixtures run up your water bills as they damage your walls and floors. Worse yet, a small leak can turn into a veritable waterfall over night, causing destruction that could have been prevented. Staying alert for the signs of these leaks will save you money and hassle. Inspect […]

4 Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

A clogged or broken sewer line can cause slow drains, smelly overflowing toilets, and sudden high water bills, but these problems aren’t hard to avoid. Taking care of your drains and scheduling a sewer line inspection at the right time keeps things flowing freely. Be careful what you flush – Don’t throw anything into the […]

Is Attic Ventilation Really Necessary?

If your home doesn’t have much or any attic ventilation, it might seem like a waste of money to install it if you’ve managed this long without it. Leave your attic without ventilation too long, though, and you put your whole house at risk for damage from the Los Angeles area’s humidity. Why Your Attic […]

Replacing Your Toilet? Consider Dual Flush…

In light of California’s water crisis, everything we as Los Angeles residents can do to save water matters. Because the toilet accounts for around a quarter of the water used in the average home, an upgrade here can really make a difference. Less water use is one of the greatest benefits of dual flush toilets, […]

3 Tips To Prevent Dust In Your Home

In the urban Los Angeles area, indoor dust carries not just dirt, but also pollutants from factory emissions and car exhaust. While you might not be able to avoid these pollutants outside, there’s a lot you can do to keep them out of your home. Improve your air sealing – The little gaps and cracks […]

Is It OK To Snake My Own Drain?

When a drain clogs, you want it cleared as fast and as cheaply as possible, so doing the job yourself often seems like the most practical choice. While snaking your own drains makes sense at times, for serious clogs, you’re better off calling a professional plumbing service. Handling Minor Clogs Plumber’s snakes, or drain augers, […]