3 Easy Ways To Control Indoor Humidity

Smog isn’t the only air quality concern you have to deal with in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our warm, humid climate also means excess moisture is a common indoor air quality problem. With a few basic steps, though, it’s not hard to get under control. Use your exhaust fans – After cooking or showering, […]

5 Things To Do Today That Will Improve Your Home Safety

While the busy Los Angeles area has its risks, the greater threats to your safety lie within your own home. Taking a few simple steps to enhance your home safety will protect you and your family, and prevent expensive damage. Install carbon monoxide detectors – All fuel-burning appliances carry a small risk of potentially deadly […]

How Exhaust Fans Benefit You As A Homeowner

The exhaust fans in your home play a major role in keeping your indoor air clean, comfortable, and smelling fresh. With the Greater Los Angeles area’s smog and humidity, however, it’s important to use these fans correctly. Freshen Your Air Fast Showering steams up the bathroom, while cooking produces both humidity and odors. If allowed […]

When Are Energy Audits Really Needed?

Energy audits help you root out inefficiencies in your home so you can enjoy greater comfort for less money. While you might think little inefficiencies don’t matter much in the mild Los Angeles area climate, acting on the information you get from an energy audit can cut your heating and cooling bills by 10 to […]

Identifying Strange Duct Noises

Most air duct noises don’t mean serious trouble, but they’re still not something you should ignore. By paying attention to your ducts, you’ll help your air conditioner keep you comfortable efficiently even in the long, warm summers of the Greater Los Angeles area. Intermittent pops and bangs – Usually, these duct noises happen when the […]

Garbage Disposals: Quick And Easy Tips To Keep Them Running Well

Reliably running garbage disposals are a convenience that’s easy to take for granted, so it’s a real annoyance when they stop working. Caring for your disposal correctly prevents frustrating jams, clogs, and odors that can build up in the Los Angeles area heat. Be Careful What You Throw in There Several types of food should […]