Identifying Strange Duct Noises

Most air duct noises don’t mean serious trouble, but they’re still not something you should ignore. By paying attention to your ducts, you’ll help your air conditioner keep you comfortable efficiently even in the long, warm summers of the Greater Los Angeles area. Intermittent pops and bangs – Usually, these duct noises happen when the […]

Garbage Disposals: Quick And Easy Tips To Keep Them Running Well

Reliably running garbage disposals are a convenience that’s easy to take for granted, so it’s a real annoyance when they stop working. Caring for your disposal correctly prevents frustrating jams, clogs, and odors that can build up in the Los Angeles area heat. Be Careful What You Throw in There Several types of food should […]

3 Basic Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting Tips

Even in the warm Los Angeles area summers, it’s not comfortable to be without hot water. If your water heater isn’t doing its job, a little gas water heater troubleshooting can help you pinpoint the problem so you can get it solved fast. No hot water – First, make sure you have gas flow and […]

Proper Home Ventilation: A Quick Checklist

In the hot and humid Los Angeles area, good home ventilation is key to comfortable living. Achieving this optimal airflow takes correct use of all your ventilation options. Windows – It’s fine to open the windows now and then, but avoid opening them in the early morning hours when pollen counts are at their highest. […]

3 Simple Ways To Prevent Clogged Drains

Slow-running and clogged drains are common problems, but they’re not inevitable. It’s easy to prevent clogged drains just by correctly caring for your plumbing system. Keep out debris – Some things should never be rinsed down the drain. This includes fats and oils, coffee grounds, and food scraps. Even if the fat is liquid when […]

Best Home Energy Efficient Upgrades For 2017

Staying on top of advances in energy efficiency is a practical way to both cut the cost of living in Greater Los Angeles and keep your home more comfortable. The best home energy efficient upgrades make your home more enjoyable overall. Keep Cool Affordably Air conditioners drop in efficiency with each year of use and […]