What Type Of Attic Ventilation Is Best?

What might feel like a normal, balmy Los Angeles area day to you, can cause sweltering temperatures in your attic. Good attic ventilation controls the temperature to keep your home comfortable as well as protect it from damage. Ridge-and-Soffit Systems A ridge-and-soffit system is one of the most common methods for ventilating an attic because […]

How Exhaust Fans Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Because most exhaust fans run on electricity, it may not be obvious at first how these devices can save you money. In the Los Angeles area’s hot, humid summers, though, these fans are valuable assets. Greater Comfort, Greater Savings Your home’s exhaust fans remove stale, humid air in order to improve your overall indoor air […]

3 Simple Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Greater Los Angeles area’s urban pollution means you have to be a little more conscientious about indoor air quality, but this doesn’t have to be hard. Some simple steps can make a big difference. Keep your surfaces sparkling – Use a doormat to reduce the amount of dust and debris you track into your […]

5 Ways To Avoid Common Plumbing Problems

Leaks, clogs, water heater breakdowns, and other common plumbing issues are always a nuisance and, at worst, can cause serious damage to your home. By taking care of your system correctly, though, you can avoid many of these problems so you’ll rarely need a professional plumbing service. Be careful what you rinse away – Most […]

How Leaking Ductwork Costs You Money

Leaky ducts are a common duct design issue that drags down your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. In the Los Angeles area, where every bit of cooling counts, duct leaks aren’t something you can afford to ignore. Why Duct Leaks Matter In the average home, the ducts leak between 12 to 30 percent of the air […]

How To Determine What Size Water Heater Is Needed For A Home

Installing the right size of water heater for your needs ensures you’ll always have plenty of hot water without wasting energy. Sizing a new water heater isn’t particularly complicated, but it does take a little calculation. Sizing a Storage Tank Model For a conventional tank water heater, sizing is relatively simple. Start by determining which […]