How Exhaust Fans Benefit You As A Homeowner

exhaust fanThe exhaust fans in your home play a major role in keeping your indoor air clean, comfortable, and smelling fresh. With the Greater Los Angeles area’s smog and humidity, however, it’s important to use these fans correctly.

Freshen Your Air Fast

Showering steams up the bathroom, while cooking produces both humidity and odors. If allowed to linger, that built up moisture will encourage mold, bacteria, and dust mites. As it seeps out into your other rooms, it raises your overall indoor humidity, which leaves you feeling hot and sticky in summer, and chilly and clammy in winter. You’ll need your A/C and heating more, raising your energy bills.

Over time, cooking odors can sink into walls and soft furnishings, leaving your home with an off smell. Many commercial cleaning products for the kitchen and bath produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds), potentially harmful chemicals that can hang around in the air.

Exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen help you prevent problems like these. These powerful fans quickly draw out excess moisture, odors, and air pollutants before they cause any trouble. They in far less outdoor humidity and air pollution than open windows. Exhaust fans elsewhere in your home are part of your whole-house ventilation system, tasked with the job of removing stale indoor air to allow fresh air to enter.

Get the Most from Your Exhaust Fans

For optimal performance, fans must be sized correctly for the room. Exhaust fan capacity is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). As a rule, a 100 sq. ft. bathroom with a standard 8-foot ceiling needs a fan of at least 110 CFM, while a kitchen of this size needs a 200 CFM fan.

After cooking or showering, run the exhaust fan for 10 to 15 minutes. Longer than this and you’ll be letting in more air pollutants and moisture than you’re letting out.

If your exhaust fan is excessively loud, consult with an HVAC expert. The fan may be incorrectly installed or just old equipment that’s due for an upgrade to a quiet, modern model.