If It Takes More Than A Plunger, You Are Not Qualified

While Los Angeles plumbing doesn’t sound exciting or seem high tech, it’s not something to be installed or maintained by amateurs, and you might even break some codes and regulations if you try to tackle many plumbing-related jobs by yourself. Would you buy a new Ferrari and let your buddy tune it up? Are you going to purchase your dream home theatre system and then let a guy that’s never seen a television install it for you? When you lose a filling out of your molar do you grab your drill and fix it yourself?

Hopefully you answered “no” to all those questions. No right-minded person would be likely to do any of the things listed above, but they still might get in over their heads with one of the most common features of modern homes, the plumbing. A good rule of thumb when handling plumbing issues is if a plunger won’t fix it’s time to call the professionals.

What’s so complicated about plumbing? For starters all plumbers have to be licensed and know all the local and state regulations covering plumbing. Your Uncle LeRoy might know what is and isn’t up to code in his city, but unless he’s been working in your neighborhood there’s a good chance he might not be up to date on local codes. Sure, you and LeRoy might cobble together a fix for your problem that seems just fine, but then you have an inspector drop by and find out that Uncle LeRoy’s expertise just cost you a hefty fine and the cost of redoing the job. If you had called the pros to start with that wouldn’t have happened.

Then there’s little tidbit, do you even know how your plumbing works? Why is there a couple of turns in that pipe that leads out of your sink? If you said the elbows are there to help line up the sink with the drain you just failed. Do you actually understand what goes on in that magical tank that makes your toilet flush? Chances are you didn’t know the answer to that one either, but that’s ok you don’t need to. That’s what a professional plumber is for.

Plumbing is more than some pipes and faucets. Plumbing is a complicated system of pipes, drains, vents, fixtures, and other parts that must all function together in order to do its job properly, and it has to be installed and maintained properly. Otherwise it can pose a risk of damaging your home and putting further strain on our fragile environment.

It’s human nature to think that we can always figure something out on our own, but before you do that with your plumbing consider a couple of things. First, if you mess up you could unleash an uncontrolled stream of water into your home. We all understand the damage that water can do to our home, still, we flirt with disaster by trying to handle our plumbing problems ourselves. If someone told you that they wanted to pump several hundred gallons of water through your home to see what it would do you would stop them so quick both your heads would spin. Yet when you arm yourself with your tools and decide to be Mr. Fix-it under the sink or around the hot water heater you’re running the risk of doing just that.

As if that’s not enough of a reason not to try it yourself remember that every drop of water you use or waste spins that meter a little bit faster. Do you really want let hundreds or maybe thousands of gallons of water run roughshod through your house, then get stuck with a big water bill to go along with your repair bills?
So be smart about your plumbing. If it’s going to take more than a plunger or maybe a simple tightening of a screw or two to fix your plumbing problem then you’re probably in over your head. Call the professionals and put it in their hands from the start instead of calling when the damage is done and it’s time for the cleanup.