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Keep Those Drains Running Clean

Thanks to newer technology, drain cleaning is much easier than it used to be. There was a time when anything but the simplest problems with your drain pipes or sewer lines meant you were going to have to dig up the yard and shell out a lot of money in the process. If a pipe was clogged there was no way to fix the problem other than trying to break the clog loose, or start finding and replacing lines.

Thank goodness for technology.

We all know that technology has made life simpler for architects, cops, designers, writers, filmmakers, and others, but did you ever think your plumber was benefiting too? Well, they are, and they not only use that technology to make your life easier, but they can also help you save some money (and maybe find a ring or two).

Even ten years ago there was no way to know what a clog was. From your bathroom or kitchen all you could tell is that something was stopping your wastewater from getting from point A to point B and it left you with a dirty mess to fix. Now the first step to fixing a clog is diagnosing the problem.

Some customers are amazed that the first thing we do when we arrive is taking a look inside the pipes with our state of the art closed circuit TV systems. Our CCTV uses mini cameras and fiber optics to go where it was impossible to see just a few years ago. In a matter of minutes we can determine if you have a root or some other major obstruction in the line, or if it’s just a simple household clog—probably hair and grease—that’s causing the problem. Then it’s a simple matter for our skilled technicians to fix the problem. Being able to figure out the problem without guesswork saves time, money, and hassles, and those savings are passed on to the customer.

Sometimes our company is less plumber and more rescuer. Have you ever wondered what you can do if you drop your wedding band or engagement ring down the drain?

A few years ago you would have had to rip out the pipes and hope it hadn’t gotten into the sewer, or you could lament the loss and try to get a replacement. Now it’s just a matter of calling in our CCTV system. By coupling the camera and miniaturized tools it’s now possible to find and retrieve those valuables. This system also comes in handy when someone drops something in the drain that’s not valuable, but is going to help cause a clog. Addressing a problem or potential problem early is typically much less expensive.

We also have the newest ‘rooter’ systems available today. Rooters are what plumbers use when it’s time to get serious with a clog in the pipes. By coupling cameras to identify the clog, and then using the proper tools and blades to eradicate it our company can often fix your drain problem with little or no digging and without risking damage to your pipes. While we’re in there we can give you a report on the overall health of your system, and if it needs it, we’re equipped with the latest water jet technology to clean those pipes and keep your system working at peak performance.

So don’t panic when you have a drain problem. Look at it as an opportunity to see our team in action, and find out just how sound your sewer or drain system really is. And like a lot of things homeowners face remember that the money you spend now on proper repair, maintenance and upkeep could save you some serious money down the road.