What Should You Look For Before Hiring a Professional Plumber

There’s nothing like a plumbing emergency to send a homeowner into panic mode. Worrying about cost, how long the job will take and the quality of repairs can be distressing, particularly if there’s no long-time, trusted plumber to call on. So what’s the best way to get the job done at a reasonable cost? Here’s a checklist for hiring a professional plumber that will help you with your search.

Hiring a Plumber

checklist for hiring a professional plumberAsk for referrals. Check with your friends, neighbors and relatives and ask who they use. Remodeling contractors and real estate agents are another good source of referrals.

Ask about experience. While the length of time a plumber has been in business won’t necessarily tell you how competent he is, it can be an indication of stability. You should also ask about the experience of the individuals who will be doing the job.

Check licensing. In California, plumbing contractors performing work valued over $500 must be licensed. Contractors should also be bonded and insured in case of an accident.

Check references. Always ask for references, and do call them. Ask about satisfaction with the job, whether it was completed on time and if the fee seemed fair. Call the Better Business Bureau and ask about any complaints. You can also check online reviews, but be aware that not all reviews can be trusted. Bitter diatribes might be written by someone with a grudge; excessively glowing tributes may be fakes. Look for details in reviews that you can discuss with the plumber.

Get an estimate. Narrow your choices down to three and ask for an estimate of your job from each. Don’t choose your plumber on the basis of low estimate alone, however, and beware of plumbers who give you estimates over the phone. Find out if the estimate includes labor and materials. Also ask about contingency charges if other plumbing problems arise.

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