3 Advantages To Having A Ductless AC System

ductless a/cWhile a ductless air conditioning system can help you stay comfortable in the Los Angles area’s long, warm summers, that’s not the only reason to have one. There are several ductless A/C advantages that can make your home more enjoyable.

Flexibility – A ductless cooling system is an excellent option for retrofitting into a home with no ducts. The only construction needed to install one is a 3-inch hole in the wall for the wires and conduit line. Because these systems are available in small sizes and so easy to install, they’re a convenient way to cool an addition, or a finished attic or basement. The indoor air handlers can be mounted almost anywhere on the wall, floor or ceiling, which is one of the major ductless A/C advantages for small homes.

Lower bills – Air ducts always cause a certain amount of energy loss, even when they’re well designed, insulated, and air sealed. Ductless systems don’t suffer from this energy loss. They also make it easier to create a zoned heating and cooling system by installing separate air handlers in different sections or rooms in your house. This way, you can turn on the cooling only where you need it instead of wasting money cooling parts of the house you’re not using. As a result, cooling with a 17 SEER ductless system is typically more energy efficient than cooling with a 17 SEER central A/C system.

A quieter home – Ducted heating and cooling systems aren’t always the quietest. There’s the whirr of the air handler, the rush of air from the vents, and the popping and banging of metal ducts as they expand and contract with temperature changes. With a ductless system, duct noise won’t be an issue. The indoor air handlers themselves can be as quiet as 19dB, the same noise level as a whisper or rustling leaves.