Avoid These Common Bathroom Sink Issues

water leak in bathroomHey Los Angeles, the last thing you want when you’re getting ready for work or bed is to have your bathroom sink slowing you down. Reliance wants you to know how to care for your sink correctly, so you can avoid most of the problems that could get in your way.

Clogged drain?

Never pour anything down the drain that isn’t meant to go there. Old medications, unwanted shampoo, and other waste items should go in the trash. When you shave, line the sink with toilet paper or cover it with a towel to keep hair out of the drain. If your drain starts running slow, clean it by pouring in 1 cup of vinegar, waiting for 10 minutes, then following it up with a pan of hot water to flush the drain.

Dripping or leaking faucet?

These faucet issues waste water while also increasing the risk of clogs and damage to your pipes and caulk. While too much rough handling can damage a faucet, most start dripping or leaking due to worn-out parts. Correcting the problem is often as simple as using a DIY faucet repair kit to replace a rubber washer or O-ring, but you’ll need to take the faucet apart to do that. A corroded pipe connection is another possible cause. By scheduling an annual professional plumbing inspection, you’ll find out about problems like this before they cause more damage.

Loose wall sink?

Bathroom wall sinks can take a lot, but routinely leaning on your sink or using it for support will eventually make the sink loose and wobbly. Never use your sink to support your body weight or heavy items such as a stack of sheets. If someone in your household has physical limitations, install grab bars (support rails) around the toilet and tub so they’re not forced to grip the sink for support. If your sink does become loose, you’ll most likely need to remove the sink from the wall and tighten or replace the screws.

Do these helpful tips make you happy? We hope so. If you have other issues or want more tips on keeping your bathroom sink in shape, don’t hesitate to contact us at Reliance Home Services.