Can The Life Of An AC Unit Be Extended?

a/c unitIf you’re not careful, the toll the warm, humid Los Angeles area summers take on your air conditioner can wear the system out early. With proper care, it’s possible to extend the life of an A/C unit while also preventing surprise breakdowns.

Take Time for Basic Maintenance

Dirt and debris interfere with airflow and place a strain on your air conditioner’s components that shortens their life expectancy. To prevent this kind of damage, inspect your air conditioner’s filter every month, and change it when you find it covered with a layer of dust. Standard 1-inch fiberglass filters should usually be changed monthly. Every few weeks, check the fins of your outdoor unit for grass clippings, leaves, and other debris and use a stiff brush to remove any you find. Once a year, check your indoor evaporator coil for dust. You can remove light dust with foaming coil cleaner.

Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

Your A/C’s lifespan can suffer due to wear and tear you can’t see, such as loose wires, a dirty blower fan, and incorrect motor voltage. During a routine annual inspection, your technician can clean your A/C’s components and correct minor issues. This helps extend the life of an A/C unit, while keeping it as energy efficient as possible. Your technician can also spot developing problems and advise you on how to solve them before they shut down your system.

Lighten Your A/C’s Workload

The less work your air conditioner has to do, the longer it will last. By improving your home’s energy efficiency, you can reduce the load on your A/C while making your home even more comfortable. Weatherization methods such as boosting your insulation and sealing air leaks around your home not only cut your cooling bills and control your indoor humidity, but also improve the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. A programmable thermostat further helps by keeping your system running at energy-efficient temperatures.