Energy Efficiency

Three Tips To Keep Your Summer Energy Bill In Check

Summer’s a great time to learn how to save energy at home. Why? You’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of the season without worrying about your cooling bills. Given the Los Angeles area’s long summers, little improvements like these can really add up. 1. Lower the load on your A/C. The less heat and […]

Four Ways To Cut Energy Costs While Staying Cool

Saving energy during the hottest part of a Los Angeles summer isn’t as impossible as it might seem. With a little planning (and with Reliance in your corner), you can keep cool without running up high energy bills. Shade your windows. Much of your home’s summer heat gain comes through the windows, but the right […]

How To Clean Your Outdoor A/C Unit

There’s almost nothing that makes you happier than stepping into your nice, cool home from a hot, sweltering summer day. Ahhhh. To keep you feeling happy like this, your air conditioner does a lot of work throughout the long, hot Los Angeles area summer, so it’s bound to pick up some dirt and debris. Cleaning […]

How Smart Thermostats Save Money

Keeping your home cool in the Los Angeles summer heat isn’t cheap, but the right technology can do a lot to bring the costs down. A smart thermostat saves money by maintaining your comfort using as little energy as possible. Optimal Scheduling While a traditional programmable thermostat can run your heating and cooling system on […]

3 Landscaping Tips That Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Given the high cost of living in the Los Angeles area, anything you can do to control your expenses without cutting into your comfort pays off. With a little strategic landscaping, you can reduce your home’s need for cooling while creating more enjoyable surroundings. 1 • Shade your home Shading the west and southwest sides […]

Reversing Your Ceiling Fan Direction Can Improve Comfort

As the weather starts to heat up around the Los Angeles area, it’s time to prepare your home to keep you cool efficiently. Using your ceiling fans is one of the easiest ways to stay comfortable affordably, but how you use them matters. Keep Cool and Save, Too In winter, setting your ceiling fans to […]