Energy Efficiency

How Ductwork Leaks Affect Your Comfort Level

By wasting your conditioned air, ductwork leaks make it harder to keep your home cool in the hot Los Angeles area summers and ward off the winter chill. Sealing these leaks will not only keep you more comfortable, but also protect your health and lower your energy bills. Lost Air Means Lost Comfort In the […]

3 Reasons To Switch To A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is more than just a convenience. It also offers benefits that make staying comfortable in the rainy Los Angeles winters and hot summers more affordable and can improve your vacations, too. Lower your bills effortlessly – By raising your air conditioner temperature above 72 degrees for at least eight hours a day, […]

What A Zone Control System Is And How It Can Save You Money

No matter what size your home, chances are some areas tend to be warmer or cooler than others. This is particularly true if your home is hit directly by the hot Los Angeles sun in summer. With a zone control system, you can take control of your indoor temperatures to stay comfortable more efficiently. How […]

How Exhaust Fans Contribute To Home Comfort

It’s easy to overlook the humble exhaust fans in your kitchen and bath, but used correctly, these little fans can do a lot for you. By helping to manage your humidity and air quality, they keep you more comfortable in the heat of the Greater Los Angeles summers and the wet winters, too. Healthier Humidity […]

Is Attic Ventilation Really Necessary?

If your home doesn’t have much or any attic ventilation, it might seem like a waste of money to install it if you’ve managed this long without it. Leave your attic without ventilation too long, though, and you put your whole house at risk for damage from the Los Angeles area’s humidity. Why Your Attic […]

Understanding Efficiency Ratings On A/C Units

Energy efficient HVAC systems in Los Angeles aren’t just nice to have, they’re a must if you want to stay cool and still have some cash left over. Knowing how to interpret A/C efficiency ratings will help you find a system with the efficiency you need. SEER: the First Rating to Check The Seasonal Energy […]