How Smart Thermostats Save Money

Keeping your home cool in the Los Angeles summer heat isn’t cheap, but the right technology can do a lot to bring the costs down. A smart thermostat saves money by maintaining your comfort using as little energy as possible. Optimal Scheduling While a traditional programmable thermostat can run your heating and cooling system on […]

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

With all the smog, pollen, and dust that can end up in a Los Angeles home, it might seem like cleaning your air ducts should be a part of regular HVAC maintenance. In reality, duct cleaning is necessary only in a few specific situations. Why Duct Cleaning Isn’t Routine As long as you’re replacing your […]

3 Tips For Controlling Indoor Dust

Dust might not be the worst indoor air pollutant, but it can still degrade your indoor air quality and make you uncomfortable. Thanks to the Los Angeles area’s heavy traffic, indoor dust can also carry heavy metals and other contaminants from road dust. With a few simple changes, you can make sure dust doesn’t linger […]

How Ductwork Leaks Affect Your Comfort Level

By wasting your conditioned air, ductwork leaks make it harder to keep your home cool in the hot Los Angeles area summers and ward off the winter chill. Sealing these leaks will not only keep you more comfortable, but also protect your health and lower your energy bills. Lost Air Means Lost Comfort In the […]

What A Zone Control System Is And How It Can Save You Money

No matter what size your home, chances are some areas tend to be warmer or cooler than others. This is particularly true if your home is hit directly by the hot Los Angeles sun in summer. With a zone control system, you can take control of your indoor temperatures to stay comfortable more efficiently. How […]

3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Heating System

With the Los Angeles area’s mild winter, it’s not always obvious when your heating system isn’t performing the way it used to. Knowing the signs can help you decide when it’s worth upgrading the heating system to something more reliable and efficient. Your bills are rising – No matter how well you care for your […]