Three Benefits Of Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner (and furnace) has benefits that go far beyond keeping the warranty valid. Regular HVAC system maintenance ensures your system runs at peak efficiency. Plus, it won’t suddenly leave you sweating out a hot Los Angeles summer day. What will regular HVAC maintenance do for you? Offer you greater energy efficiency It […]

Strange Smells From Your Heat or A/C? Do This First!

Ewww, what is that? A funky smell coming from your heating or air conditioning system doesn’t always mean you’re about to be left without cooling on a hot Los Angeles summer afternoon. Often enough, the odor is easy to get rid of with a little quick DIY maintenance. First, Check Your Filter Your HVAC air […]

Why Catching A Refrigerant Leak Early Is Important

Refrigerant leaks might be one of the most common air conditioner issues around, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you can ignore them. Why? Besides the potential to reduce or even cut off your cooling on a hot Los Angeles summer afternoon, a refrigerant leak can also harm your health. Health and Environmental […]

How To Clean Your Outdoor A/C Unit

There’s almost nothing that makes you happier than stepping into your nice, cool home from a hot, sweltering summer day. Ahhhh. To keep you feeling happy like this, your air conditioner does a lot of work throughout the long, hot Los Angeles area summer, so it’s bound to pick up some dirt and debris. Cleaning […]

How Smart Thermostats Save Money

Keeping your home cool in the Los Angeles summer heat isn’t cheap, but the right technology can do a lot to bring the costs down. A smart thermostat saves money by maintaining your comfort using as little energy as possible. Optimal Scheduling While a traditional programmable thermostat can run your heating and cooling system on […]

Control Your Comfort With A Smartphone?

Urban Los Angeles is full of cutting-edge technology, but few devices can improve your personal comfort as much as a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat. With the control this thermostat gives you, you’ll enjoy perfect temperatures no matter how unpredictable your schedule. Total Control Wherever You Are A smart thermostat lets you control nearly all its functions […]