Control Your Comfort With A Smartphone?

smartphone a/c controlUrban Los Angeles is full of cutting-edge technology, but few devices can improve your personal comfort as much as a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat. With the control this thermostat gives you, you’ll enjoy perfect temperatures no matter how unpredictable your schedule.

Total Control Wherever You Are

A smart thermostat lets you control nearly all its functions through an app on your WiFi-connected smartphone or laptop wherever you happen to be. Normally, the thermostat will run your heating and cooling system at the temperatures and times you program in. When your schedule changes unexpectedly, you can connect to your thermostat from wherever you are an adjust the settings to meet your needs.

If you need to work late or you get a last-minute dinner invitation, just open your thermostat app and tell the A/C or furnace to turn on later to avoid using energy unnecessarily. Decide to come home early one day? With your thermostat app, you can have the house comfortably cool or warm by the time you get home.

When you get home from a trip, you can set your thermostat to the perfect temperature while you’re still at the airport. A smart thermostat is handy while you’re at home, too. If you decide to lounge in bed a little longer than usual one morning, you can adjust your home’s temperature without even getting up.

Updates from Home

Communication with your thermostat goes both ways. A smart thermostat can send alerts to your phone to keep you updated on the conditions in your home and the status of your heating and cooling system. Most can tell you when your home’s temperature or humidity rises or falls outside your preferred range. If you have a pet at home, that means one less worry about their health and safety. Smart thermostats also alert you when your furnace or A/C has stopped working, when they’ve lost power or their WiFi connection, and even when maintenance is due.

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