Four Ways To Cut Energy Costs While Staying Cool

window shadeSaving energy during the hottest part of a Los Angeles summer isn’t as impossible as it might seem. With a little planning (and with Reliance in your corner), you can keep cool without running up high energy bills.

Shade your windows.

Much of your home’s summer heat gain comes through the windows, but the right window treatments can reduce this. Insulated cellular shades can cut a window’s heat gain by up to 80% (yep, that’s right!) and solar curtains with reflective backings can reduce heat gain by around 30%. If you have particularly sunny windows that are heating up your home, you might also consider installing retractable awnings.

Tighten up your ducts.

Leaky air ducts can waste up to 30% of the air they carry, meaning less cool air reaches your rooms. Inspect the accessible parts of your air ducts for joints that are unsealed or have deteriorating sealing and, if you find any, seal them with mastic or foil-backed tape. Cleaning your supply air registers and vacuuming the ducts behind them also helps keep your duct system efficient.

Use a programmable thermostat.

Contrary to popular myth, it doesn’t take more energy to cool down a hot house than it does to leave the air conditioning on all day. Unless you have pets that need cooling (and you know how we love our pets!), turn the A/C off completely when you’re away from home. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your A/C to stay off while you’re out, but turn on before you return so you arrive to a cool home.

Keep your A/C in shape.

Dust buildup and other maintenance issues cut into your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. Change your air filter on schedule, which means once a month for low-efficiency fiberglass filters. Keep your outdoor unit free of grass clippings and leaves. Scheduling an annual professional maintenance inspection is also essential for saving energy. But even with good maintenance, your system’s efficiency drops every year. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it’s a senior and it might be time to start thinking about its retirement…and an upgrade.

If you need help with any of these tips, Reliance is right here, ready to jump in. Our 100% Happiness Guarantee means just that; we want you to be happy!