How A Ductless Air Conditioner System Can Save Energy

ductless acStaying cool in Greater Los Angeles isn’t cheap, but with the right cooling equipment, it can still be remarkably affordable. A ductless air conditioner can save you money over a conventional system, while also giving you more control over your indoor temperatures.

No More Wasted Energy

In a traditional forced-air heating and cooling system, the ducts can leak as much as 30 percent of the conditioned air they carry before that air ever reaches the rooms. Ducts also waste energy due to heat gain and poor design, such as excessively long runs or too many sharp corners. Correct design, duct sealing and insulation help, but they can never eliminate all energy loss from the ducts.

Ductless systems use air handlers mounted on the walls, ceilings or floors to deliver cool air right into the room. With no ducts to waste energy, ductless systems can be up to 25 percent more efficient than conventional heat pumps that use ducts.

Cooling Right Where You Need It

A forced-air cooling system supplies cool air to all your rooms, whether you want those rooms cooled or not. Needless to say, cooling parts of the house you’re not even using wastes energy. With a ductless air conditioner, you can control each air handler separately, so you can choose to cool only those areas you’re actually using at the moment.

Even better, having several air handlers around your home lets you select different temperatures for different areas. For instance, you might need a little more cooling in the kitchen than in your bedroom. In this case, you’ll save energy by not having to cool the whole house to the same temperature as the kitchen, yet still enjoy a comfortably cool kitchen.

Ductless systems also offer some of the highest efficiency ratings on the market, with many achieving a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEERs) into the mid-20s.

With a ductless air conditioner, you’ll no longer be paying for cool air that’s lost through the ducts or sent to unused rooms, meaning both savings and improved comfort.