How Exhaust Fans Contribute To Home Comfort

exhaust fanIt’s easy to overlook the humble exhaust fans in your kitchen and bath, but used correctly, these little fans can do a lot for you. By helping to manage your humidity and air quality, they keep you more comfortable in the heat of the Greater Los Angeles summers and the wet winters, too.

Healthier Humidity Levels

Showering, cooking, and cleaning all put a lot of hot, damp air into the room. If allowed to linger, this heat and humidity will gradually damage your paint, wallpaper, and carpeting as well as encourage mold growth.

By interfering with your body’s ability to heat and cool itself, a buildup of humidity will make you feel chilly in winter, and sweaty and sticky in summer. You’ll then be tempted to adjust the thermostat to get comfortable again, wasting energy and still not feeling comfortable.

Exhaust fans are designed to prevent this problem. Run them for 10 to 15 minutes after showering or cooking and they’ll remove excess heat and humidity from the room. You’ll stay comfortable even while keeping the thermostat at an energy-saving setting. Don’t run your exhaust fan for long periods, though, or you could let in more damp air than you let out.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Along with the excess heat and humidity they remove, exhaust fans also draw odor-causing particles and fumes out of the room. Your cooking might smell great, but the preparation process can put traces of smoke and carbon monoxide into the air. As for less appealing smells, if anyone in your household smokes, the exhaust fan will remove some of that odor, too.

In the bathroom, the exhaust fan can get rid of typical unpleasant bathroom odors as well as lingering scents from personal care products and cleaners. Scented products often contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can negatively affect your health.

With fewer odors and pollutants in the air, you’ll breathe easier.