How Often Is HVAC Maintenance Needed?

heat pump maintenanceWhen your air conditioner and furnace seem to be running just fine, it can be tempting to skip HVAC maintenance inspections. Doing that will cost you in the long run, though. Regular maintenance is what keeps your system running efficiently and reliably during the Los Angeles area’s summer heat and chilly, damp winters.

Treat Your System to Annual Maintenance

Ideally, your air conditioner, furnace or boiler should receive a professional inspection once a year. If you use a heat pump, twice yearly maintenance is well warranted. Because a heat pump works year round, it sustains more wear and tear.

While you can call for annual maintenance any time, scheduling maintenance during the off season has a few advantages. By having your A/C maintained in early spring, you’ll get your system ready in plenty of time for the warm weather and avoid the rush and higher costs of service during the summer. For your furnace, early autumn is a practical time for maintenance. Signing up for a maintenance plan helps you stay on schedule and gives you the advantage of scheduling preference and service discounts.

Enjoy Better Performance and Efficiency

Within just one season of normal use, your heating and cooling system sustains wear and accumulates debris that reduces it energy efficiency. With a less energy-efficient system, you’ll end up paying more for less heating and cooling. Your system’s performance also suffers, so if you neglect HVAC maintenance for few years, you might find your A/C can no longer control humidity well. Because wear from lack of upkeep places unnecessary strain on your system’s components, they’ll wear out faster.

These are often small problems such as dust on the A/C evaporator coil, loose wires, and incorrect motor amp draw, which aren’t immediately obvious to a homeowner. A technician can inspect parts of your system you can’t access and has the knowledge to spot problems and correct them before they harm your system.