How Often Should A/C Coils Be Cleaned?

a/c coilsDuring the Los Angeles area’s long summers, your air conditioner can pick up a lot of debris. Because dirty A/C coils can impair your system’s performance, it’s important to maintain your system on schedule.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Coil

Thanks to its location, your outdoor condenser coil can get dirty fast. All that debris interferes with airflow, lowering your system’s energy efficiency and placing damaging strain on the components. In fact, just 0.25 mm of dust on the coil can reduce its efficiency by 20 percent.

To keep it clean throughout the cooling season, periodically remove leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and other large debris that gets stuck in the unit’s exterior grills. For debris you can’t remove with your hands, use a stiff brush.

At least once a year, preferably at the end of the season, give the unit a more thorough cleaning. Brush down the gills to remove as much debris and dirt as you can. Remove the top of the unit and wash the gills from the inside out with a gentle stream of water from a garden hose. Alternatively, leave the job of cleaning your A/C coils up to your technician when you schedule you annual air conditioner inspection.

Cleaning Your Indoor Coil

While your indoor evaporator coil stays cleaner for longer, it’s equally sensitive to the effects of dust buildup. Dust acts as an insulator and prevents the coil from efficiently absorbing heat from your indoor air. Once a year, check your evaporator coil for dust. If you find light dust buildup, compressed air might be enough to remove it. For moderate buildup, use a foaming coil cleaner. If your evaporator coil has heavy buildup, rust or any damage, call a technician. A professional can remove the buildup without damaging the coil and advise you on when a replacement is a better choice. Replacing your air filter on schedule also helps keep your evaporator coil clean.

If you could use a pro’s help keeping maintaining your A/C coils, contact us at Reliance Home Services in the Los Angeles area.