How Smart Thermostats Save Money

smart thermostatKeeping your home cool in the Los Angeles summer heat isn’t cheap, but the right technology can do a lot to bring the costs down. A smart thermostat saves money by maintaining your comfort using as little energy as possible.

Optimal Scheduling

While a traditional programmable thermostat can run your heating and cooling system on a schedule, a smart thermostat can optimize your home’s temperatures according to your needs. Instead of programming the thermostat to turn the A/C or furnace on and off at specific times, you only need to tell the device your preferred temperature and your approximate schedule. The thermostat then calculates the most energy-efficient time to start cooling or heating.

With a traditional programmable thermostat, you might assume the air conditioning should come on an hour before you get home in order to get the house cool. A smart thermostat might calculate that it can cool the house in just half an hour and turn the A/C on later, saving you energy and money.

Intelligent Guidance

More efficient scheduling isn’t the only reason these thermostats are called smart. These devices also learn by gathering data on local weather conditions, and your habits and preferences, then offer suggestions for optimizing your heating and cooling use. If you typically turn the A/C temperature up in the early evening, the thermostat will take note and offer to make the change automatically to help you save. If you start staying out until midnight on Fridays and forget to add this information to your thermostat, the device will detect the change and might suggest turning the A/C or heat on later, if at all, so you don’t waste energy.

Because smart thermostats are connected to the Internet, they let you control your home’s temperatures through your smartphone or laptop wherever you are. You can leave for a spontaneous weekend trip right from the office and still turn your A/C off to save energy.