How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer (While Using Less Energy!)

Staying cool in the Los Angeles area’s summer heat isn’t cheap, but with a little planning, you can bring your cooling expenses down to a more comfortable level. Knowing how to keep your home cool in the summer using less energy helps you reduce your carbon footprint, too.

how to keep your home cool in the summerUse Your Ceiling Fan

The breeze from your ceiling fan makes you feel around 4 degrees cooler. With the fan on, you can raise your air conditioner’s thermostat temperature without reducing your comfort. Every degree you raise the thermostat temperature above 75 degrees could save you 2 to 3 percent on your cooling bill. Make sure the fan blades spin counterclockwise so you feel airflow when you stand under it. If they’re spinning clockwise, use the switch on the motor housing to change the direction.

Shade Your Windows

Around 30 percent of your home’s excess heat gain comes in through your windows. Energy-efficient window treatments reduce this amount to keep your home cooler and lighten your air conditioner’s workload. Your A/C will then need less energy to maintain your preferred temperature. Reflective blinds can nearly halve heat gain from a window, while drapes cut heat gain by around 30 percent. Installing awnings over your south and west windows can reduce the heat gain by around 70 percent.

Keep Your A/C in Shape

Poor maintenance reduces your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by 10 to 30 percent and increases the risk of early component failure. Every month, inspect your air filter and replace it if it’s covered in dust. Thin fiberglass filters usually need to be replaced monthly. Periodically remove grass clippings, leaves and other debris from the exterior of the outdoor unit. Both these tasks ensure the system gets the airflow it needs to run efficiently.

Additionally, inspect the indoor evaporator coil yearly and dust as necessary. For optimal efficiency, schedule professional A/C maintenance once a year before the cooling season starts.

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