Is A Ductless Heating And Cooling System Right For You?

ductless heating and cooling

Thanks to their flexibility and efficiency, ductless heating and cooling systems have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. While these systems can keep you comfortable in the warm Los Angeles area climate, there are other reasons to consider them.

You Need Flexibility

Installing a ductless heating and cooling system requires only a 3-inch hole in the wall to run the conduit line connecting the indoor air handlers with the outdoor condenser unit. Such easy installation makes this type of system a practical way to get heating and cooling in a room addition, a finished attic or basement or an older home built without an air duct system. Because ductless air handlers can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor, you can choose what works best for each part of the house.

You’ll get more flexibility in terms of temperature control, too. Ductless systems let you create separate heating and cooling “zones.” Because you can control each air handler individually, you’ll have the freedom to choose different temperatures for different parts of the house. Have a sunny room that’s often too hot? You can choose a lower A/C setting to cool this space separately without making the rest of the house chilly.

You’d Like to Save Some Cash

In the average home, the ducts leak around 25 percent of the air they carry and lose energy to heat transfer, too. Even well-sealed and insulated ducts still cause some energy loss. With no ducts to waste energy, ductless systems operate more efficiently.

The ability to control your temperatures more precisely also saves you energy. You can heat or cool only those spaces you’re actually using. You won’t waste energy cranking up the heat or lowering the A/C setting just to get the right temperature in one part of the house while the others are overheated or over-cooled.