Reversing Your Ceiling Fan Direction Can Improve Comfort

ceiling fanAs the weather starts to heat up around the Los Angeles area, it’s time to prepare your home to keep you cool efficiently. Using your ceiling fans is one of the easiest ways to stay comfortable affordably, but how you use them matters.

Keep Cool and Save, Too

In winter, setting your ceiling fans to spin clockwise helps keep more warm air in the lower part of the room where you can enjoy it. You don’t want to leave your fan like that all summer, though. When the warm spring temperatures arrive, reversing your ceiling fan direction should be one of the first changes you make.

Check your fan’s motor housing and you should see a small switch that lets you change the blade direction. For summer, set your fan to spin counter clockwise, which allows the blades to create a downward breeze. As this breeze blows over your skin, it increases evaporation, your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

With airflow alone, a ceiling fan can make you feel between 5 to 8 degrees cooler. You can then lower your air conditioner’s thermostat temperature by an equal amount to save energy while enjoying the same level of comfort. For every degree you increase your A/C thermostat temperature above 72 degrees, you could save between 1 to 3 percent on your cooling bill.

Get The Most from Your Fan

Ceiling fans cool people, not the air. They don’t do any good when no one’s in the room, so to save energy, turn your fan off when you leave for more than a minute. The size of your fan affects its ability to cool a room. In a room smaller than 75 sq. ft., you can get by with a 29-inch fan, but a room of 350 sq. ft. needs a fan with at least a 52-inch span. Rooms larger than that should have two fans.