Prevent Costly Repairs With Simple Monthly HVAC Maintenance

maintenance checklistMost people in the Los Angeles area rely heavily on their HVAC system to keep them cool during the summer months. As a result, your HVAC system is likely to experience a bit of wear and tear from general use. The last thing you’ll want is for that wear and tear to require costly repairs or replacement. You can avoid potentially costly repairs with monthly HVAC maintenance. The following are a few tips for maintaining your HVAC system every month:

  • Check your air filter – Air filters help maintain the quality of your indoor air by blocking dust, debris, and other contaminants. However, if you don’t change or clean them regularly, the dust and debris will block the filter, thereby blocking the flow of air through your home.
  • Clean your condenser coils – The condenser coils can gather dust and debris over time, so check them and clean them if necessary (make sure the power is off before you do so).
  • Clear the space around your outdoor unit – If your outdoor unit is blocked, it will have trouble blowing out the hot air from inside your home. Trim back shrubs and plants and make sure that there’s nothing blocking the condenser unit.
  • Don’t block your vents – Make sure that you don’t have any furniture blocking the vents throughout your home. By blocking your vents, it will be more difficult for your HVAC system to evenly disperse heat or cool air throughout your house, thereby forcing it to work harder.
  • Clean your vents – Go through your home and vacuum the dust from your vents to help promote good air flow.
  • Have your system inspected – Although you only need an official inspection once a year, you should have your HVAC system inspected if you think there are any signs of trouble.

These HVAC maintenance tips will help to keep your HVAC system running properly, thereby helping prevent the potential need for repair. If something does end up going wrong with your HVAC system, then be sure to schedule an HVAC inspection right away to avoid further complications.