Using A Programmable Thermostat To Maximize Energy Efficiency

programmable thermostatHeating and cooling make up a big part of the cost of maintaining a home in the Los Angeles area, but a programmable thermostat can help you control those costs while also improving your comfort.

Choose the Right Temperatures

Your thermostat’s ability to run your HVAC system efficiently depends largely on the temperature settings you choose. Most people are comfortable with a room temperature of between 65 to 72, so set your programmable thermostat for somewhere in that range for the times when you’re home and awake.

When you’re away from home or in bed for the night, choose more energy-efficient temperatures. On mild days, keep the heat or air conditioning off. It costs less to heat up a chilly house (or cool down a hot one) than to maintain the same temperature all day.

On the nights you need heating, choose something around 62 degrees. You can trim 1 to 3 percent off your heating costs for every degree you reduce your furnace or heat pump temperature for 8 hours. The same goes for air conditioning. Every degree you raise the A/C temperature above 75 degrees can mean saving up to 10 percent on cooling.

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Always choose reasonable, comfortable temperatures. Cranking the thermostat up to 90 degrees won’t heat your house any faster. If you want your home to be a certain temperature at a certain time, program the thermostat to start heating or cooling around an hour before that time. For maximum convenience, invest in a WiFi thermostat you can program from your smart phone or computer in case your schedule suddenly changes.

Choose long set times for your energy-efficient temperatures. Savings are calculated based on periods of at least 8 hours.

Avoid using the thermostat’s override capability except during short periods of unseasonably warm or cold weather. If you find yourself frequently wanting to override your settings, choose more comfortable settings.

By using your programmable thermostat wisely, you can save on heating and cooling without the need to fuss with the thermostat all day.